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Readings Both honest and intelligent, all of these Spiritual Advisors and Psychics have years of experience in their field of studies. Each one possesses various gifts, and is unique as God has intended all of us.
They range from spiritual advisors, ordained ministers, psychics, master tarot card readers, Clairvoyant,s Clairaudients, Claisentients, Empathic, Energy Workers, Healers, Teachers, Coaches, and Reiki practitioners. NEVER will they try to sell you spells, aura cleanings, curse removals, candles to remove negative energy from you/your home/or someone else. They will never tell you THEY can reunite you with the one you love, as nobody HAS that power.
These are TOP ethical and honest psychic and readers, and will give you the time and attention YOU deserve for your specific psychic reading, they do not offer generalized readings that can apply to everyone, and they NEVER use scripts.

These listing aren't in any special order except alphabetical order....

10 Minutes for $1.99
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eLove Psychic
Love Psychic
Expert Love Psychic - Tarot Card Reader - Online Psychic

Bernadette's Vision
Online Psychic Bernadette's Vision

give spiritual advice on all matters related to the heart including but not limited to issues concerning:
Marriage Divorce Dating

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