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Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

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When two Scorpions make a love match, it is a fierce tempest of intense passion. Both are obsessed with one another, and they move forward in love, sex and romance at an accelerated -- some would say foolish -- way. Personal relations are positively steamy but, to the equal and opposite extreme, disputes will also be frenetically powerful. This relationship could go either way: It will either be the most wonderful thing in the world or a destruction of both involved.

The romantic merger of two sexy Scorpions can bring out the best in both love mates; each will use their intense emotional and intuitive natures to love their partner very deeply. Resolve and passion will keep these two together. The most powerful and threatening external forces will have a difficult time intruding on the happiness of a truly committed Scorpio couple. If they can wrangle their ardent energies, this power pair can set off fireworks.

The Planets Mars and Pluto rule Scorpio. Mars is the ancient God of War, always charging forward -- passionate, aggressive and courageous. Pluto is the higher octave of Mars and controls the power, destruction and rebirthing elements of the Scorpio-Scorpio relationship. These two planets together allow the Scorpion to bounce back after disappointments or tragic losses. Fortunately for the Scorpion, intense passions inflate the importance and loss of everything.


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