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Is Your Love Meant To Be?

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Love Sun Signs Astrology Compatibility

The compatibility question: What does Astrology have to say about you and your mate (or potential mate)? Understand business relationships, friendships, even family ties. Uncover compatibility insight through the Sun Signs of you and your love -- or of that certain someone you've got your eye on. You should also check out our Love Connection to understand the vibrational influence of your relationship!

Compatibility of Aries and Other Signs
Aries - Aries Aries - Cancer Aries - Libra Aries - Sagittarius
Aries - Taurus Aries - Leo Aries - Scorpio Aries - Aquaria
Aries - Gemini Aries - Virgo Aries - Capricorn Aries - Pisces

Compatibility of Taurus and Other Signs
Taurus - Aries Taurus - Cancer Taurus - Libra Taurus - Sagittarius
Taurus - Taurus Taurus - Leo Taurus - Scorpio Taurus - Aquarius
Taurus- Gemini Taurus - Virgo Taurus - Capricorn Taurus - Pisces

Compatibility of Gemini and Other Signs
Gemini - Aries Gemini - Cancer Gemini - Libra Gemini - Sagittarius
Gemini - Taurus Gemini - Leo Gemini - Scorpio Gemini - Aquarius
Gemini - Gemini Gemini - Virgo Gemini - Capricorn Gemini - Pisces

Compatibility of Cancer and Other Signs
Cancer - Aries Cancer - Cancer Cancer - Libra Cancer - Sagittarius
Cancer - Taurus Cancer - Leo Cancer - Scorpio Cancer - Aquarius
Cancer - Gemini Cancer - Virgo Cancer - Capricorn Cancer - Pisces

Compatibility of Leo and Other Signs
Leo - Aries Leo - Cancer Leo - Libra Leo - Sagittarius
Leo - Taurus Leo - Leo Leo - Scorpio Leo - Aquarius
Leo - Gemini Leo - Virgo Leo - Capricorn Leo - Pisces

Compatibility of Virgo and Other Signs
Virgo - Aries Virgo - Cancer Virgo - Libra Virgo - Sagittarius
Virgo - Taurus Virgo - Leo Virgo - Scorpio Virgo - Aquarius
Virgo - Gemini Virgo - Virgo Virgo - Capricorn Virgo - Pisces

Compatibility of Scorpio and Other Signs
Scorpio - Aries Scorpio - Cancer Scorpio - Libra Scorpio - Sagittarius
Scorpio - Taurus Scorpio - Leo Scorpio - Scorpio Scorpio - Aquarius
Scorpio - Gemini Scorpio - Virgo Scorpio - Capricorn Scorpio - Pisces

Compatibility of Capricorn and Other Signs
Capricorn - Aries Capricorn - Cancer Capricorn - Libra Capricorn - Sagittarius
Capricorn - Taurus Capricorn - Leo Capricorn - Scorpio Capricorn - Aquarius
Capricorn - Gemini Capricorn - Virgo Capricorn - Capricorn Capricorn - Pisces

Compatibility of Sagittarius and Other Signs
Sagittarius - Aries Sagittarius - Cancer Sagittarius - Libra Sagittarius - Sagittarius
Sagittarius - Taurus Sagittarius - Leo Sagittarius - Scorpio Sagittarius - Aquarius
Sagittarius - Gemini Sagittarius - Virgo Sagittarius - Capricorn Sagittarius - Pisces

Compatibility of Aquarius and Other Signs
Aquariums - Aries Aquarius - Cancer Aquarium - Libra Aquarius - Sagittarius
Aquarius - Taurus Aquarius - Leo Aquarius - Scorpio Aquarius - Aquarius
Aquarius - Gemini Aquarius - Virgo Aquarius - Capricorn Aquarius - Pisces

Compatibility of Pisces and Other Signs
Pisces - Aries Pisces - Cancer Pisces - Libra Pisces - Sagittarius
Pisces - Taurus Pisces - Leo Pisces - Scorpio Pisces - Aquarius
Pisces - Gemini Pisces - Virgo Pisces - Capricorn Pisces - Pisces



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