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Before choosing an advisor or psychic from ANYWHERE
Please Educate Yourself !
by TheLadyRhiannon copyright © 2002 All Rights Reserved.

  • Anyone claiming to be 100% accurate or that guarantees results: Only God is 100% accurate, and as for guaranteed results: TRY to get your money back and its GUARANTEED you wont get it. Anyone making this claim should be avoided.
  • Anyone asking you to call them at a 1-800# or to make payments to them outside of the service (like Live Advice, for example) should be reported IMMEDIATELY to the providers customer service. Any unsolicited email you receive from an advisor you have never spoken to should also be reported IMMEDIATELY as they have broken their member agreement. Contact Customer Service not the readers.
  • Spells--Here it gets really interesting....anyone asking you to hold on the line or asking you to call their "other" line while they do an "anointed candle burning" is just out to burn YOU, and you should tell them where they can stick their "anointed candle." Please, do not be fooled by people who tell you they will reunite you with a lost love in 24 hours, or who will "cleanse" you and remove curses or "negativity." The only thing they will "REMOVE" is the money from your wallet. Do not fall for their scare tactics. NEVER SEND ANY OF THEM MONEY BY MAIL OR WESTERN UNION. There are some people who will do spells, or rituals for you that ARE honest, but they are few and far between. If you feel you must use someone for this type of work, they should come on a good recommendation from someone you trust., and who has gotten successful results from their work.
  • The use of the words "World Renowned" and "World Famous" or "Featured In Magazines, TV/Radio without detailed information" is obvious..if they WERE "World Renowned" OR "World Famous," YOU or someone you KNOW should have heard of them.
  • People using famous names. Anyone claiming to BE Miss Cleo, Sylvia Brown or any other "famous" psychic is just using their names to get you to call...if a person is willing to steal someone else's identity, they should have NO problem stealing your MONEY!
  • The 1-900 business. Please click the following link and read the Report put out by the consumer protection agency. TheLadyRhiannon worked extensively with this agency (see Thank You letter from CPA as PROOF) and the report is a real eye-opener. It explains in-depth how the 1-900 industry scams both the "readers" and the callers. If you feel you have been scammed as a "reader" or caller, please contact the consumer protection agency DIRECTLY, cut out the middleman and take your story to someone who can help YOU. They will always use confidentiality to protect you if need be.
  • And Don't be afriad to ask the psychic you are talking to their age there are many very young adults out there as psychic who may have gifts but DO NOT have life experience to be give advise.


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