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10 Minutes for $1.99

Inside Look of The Fake Phone Psychic Industry

Miss Cleo RAISES FROM THE DEAD by Lady Ayhena
The backbone operation of Ms Cleo/PRN is bigger and stronger!
Once they monopolized your TV set now they monopolize your Internet..
Understand how they are still in businesses
Telephone Psychic Readers Wanted,
learn before you earn. How not to be scammed.
Independent Contractor Status
TELEPHONE PSYCHICS EXPOSED: by Hank Willow, staff reporter. [August 19, 2002] MANY ARE UNEMPLOYED ACTORS!
The Fortuneteller’s Secrets Revealed
The wish to know what the future holds in store for us has existed as an active yearning for as long as human beings have been able to conjecture about things and events as they might become.

FraudTech's World of Cons, Frauds, and Other Lies

Great site to view - tons of information
Dial a Psychic By Reginald V. Finley
A story of a non-psychic getting a job as a phone psychic.
"Dialing for Dollars," 'Miss Cleo' Cited for Barrage of Telemarketing Calls Consumer Protection Board Releases Report, "Dialing for Dollars," Detailing Misleading Sales Practices by Florida Psychic Service.
"Miss Cleo A paid spokeswoman, not a psychic"
Dec,2001 by The Internet Home of Consumer Advocate Tom Martino
Miss Cleo Breaks Silence On Fraud Case Harris Claims She Was Victim Too The television psychic known as Miss Cleo, who was driven off the airwaves by state and federal fraud charges, was back on the air Wednesday, but she wasn't there to predict the future. Instead, she was attempting to clear her name.
Miss Cleo's San Antonio Connection-Part Two Express News Classified Ad Could Help You Become A Professional Psychic In Just 10 Minutes. Who Is Miss Cleo? She is a mysterious woman who shills for a complex of phony "psychic" services that base out of Florida.

Warmin Signs - Before choosing an advisor or psychic from ANYWHERE
Please Educate Yourself !

Miss Cleo's San Antonio Connection-Part Three Express News Classified Ad Could Help You Become A Professional Psychic In Just 10 Minutes Tricks Of The Trade The high flying business of TV psychic, which Miss Cleo has come to represent continues at a fast pace, despite the numerous complaints and lawsuits. This is not because the media have ignored the problem. Indeed, many articles have appeared which outline the scam all too well.
Warning Articles on Fake Psychics
How To Chose A Psychic
Psychic Scams and Soul Mates
Not all psychics, fortune tellers, healers, or tarot readers in this new age era are really out to help you as much as they are out to take your money. The following are some of the things you should watch out for when you are looking for guidance, advice, and/or spiritual healing (this could even apply to those who seek to apprentice themselves to an experienced psychic or healer).
(* Great site of warning signs to watch for with psychics)
Personal Stories:
people being scammed out of thousands of dollars
Psychic and Fortune Teller Scams
A list of psychic scamming people out of thousands and thousands of dollars. Even blow my mind to read HOW MUCH people will pay a psychic.
Crystal Ball Shows Many Complaints For Miss Cleo
Local Man Wants Bills To Stop Flooding His Mail JACKSONVILLE -- Several people have called Channel 4 to complain about problems they are also having with Miss Cleo, a popular, Florida based psychic who advertises on TV.
Psychic Frauds/Scams Revealed
Alleged Delray psychic, husband arrested on insurance fraud charges
DELRAY BEACH · Psychic Linda Marks and her husband were arrested Tuesday on insurance fraud charges, a move that police say signals the beginning of an investigation into Marks' "continuing criminal enterprise."
"Psychic" and husband plead guilty to tax evasion.
Sonia and Steve Merino, of Manhattan Beach, California, have pled guilty to federal charges of failing to report $850,000 of income from 1995 through 1999. Mail fraud charges are still pending against Nasta Merino of Thousand Oaks
‘Psychic’ arrested in swindle of women
Police said she told victims they were cursed. The psychic scam took thousands from islanders and Japanese tourists
'Cursed Money' Thefts Lead to Arrest Of Psychic
Victims Identify Woman As Suspect In Cases She should have seen it coming. A 24-year-old woman, who police said used various names to con people out of money, was arrested in Longmont, Colo., recently for alleged felony theft from a widow.
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Report Psychic Fraud and Scams



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