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The Planets

In the study of astrology is the examination of the planets are involved. The energy of the planets along with the Sun, the Moon, and the planet that rulers over the ascendant influences our daily lives.

Planets move at varying speeds, depending how close they are to the sun. Faster being the Moon, Mercury Venus and Mars. Currently known as the inner planets or the inner self. These are the planet that are usually focus on the most. Then the social planets Jupiter and Saturn and the outer planets which gazes on the external world, Neptune and Pluto

The Sun

Planet of the Self (Ego)
Ruler of the 5th House
Sun Sign Leo
Keywords: Vitality, ego, self-image.

The Moon

Planet of the Emotions
Ruler of the 4th House
Sun Sign Cancer
Keywords: Emotions, intuition, the yin energy.


Planet Of Communications (Intellect)
Ruler of the 3rd & 6th House
Sun Signs: Gemini (3rd house) and Virgo (6th House)
Keywords: Culling and communication of information, mental quickness


Planet of Love & Money
Ruler of the 2nd & 7th Houses
Sun Signs Taurus (2nd House - Money) & Libra (7th House - Love)
Keywords: Love, Romance, aesthetics, security.


Planet of Passion (Your Engery)
Ruler of the 1st House
Sun Signs: Aries & co-rules Scorpio (8th House)
Keywords: Aggression, individuality, will.


Planet of Luck (The Higher Mind)
Ruler of the 9th & 12th House
Sun Signs: Sagitiuras (9th Houses) and Pisces (12th House)
Keywords: Expansion, luck, higher mind.


Planet of Karma (Responsibilities)
Ruler of the 10th House
Sun Signs Capricorn
Keywords: Discipline, limitations, building a solid foundation.


Planet of Rebellion (Individually)
Ruler of the 11th House
Sun Sign Aquarius
Keywords: Sudden and unexpected disruption, genius, innovative.


Planet of Illusion (Visionary Self)
Ruler of the 12th House
Sun Sign Pisces
Keywords: Illusion, inspiration, creative genius.


Planet of Power
Ruler of 8th House
Sun Sign Scorpio
Keywords: transformation, regeneration, the occult

Basic Understanding Sun Signs The Houses What is Astrolpgy?


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