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Astrology Houses

The zodiacal circle is divide into 12 signs, divide the horoscope into 12 houses each at 30 degrees starting the ascendant sign as the first house. Each sign falls into a particular sign and is governed by a particular planet which rules that house. The planet ruling that house exert an archetypal influence over the affairs of the house, which are interpreted as psychological and personality characteristic.

Houses are grouped into three categorizes: angular, succedent and cadent.

An angular house is situated on an angle.
They are the four main points on the birth chart, which are: Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven and Nadir.

The angular houses are the First, Fourth, Seventh and Tenth houses.

The succedent houses follow the angular houses and are the Second, Fifth, Eighth and Eleventh houses.

The Cadent houses follow succedent houses and are the Third, Sixth, Ninth and Twelfth houses.

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The First House -(Ascendant) YOUR MASK Natural sign: Aries Natural ruler: Mars
PERSONALITY, The Self, beginning, physical health, early life, physical appearance
The body parts rules the head and the face.

The Second House - YOUR MATERIAL GOODS Natural sign: Taurus Natural ruler: Venus Fiancees, Personal material resources, assets, expenditures, attitudes towards money. The body parts rules are the throat and the ears.

The Third House - YOUR MIND Natural sign:Gemini Natural ruler: Mercury
COMMUNICATION, Intellect and mental attitudes, short journeys, brother and sisters, neighbors, relatives. The body parts rules the shoulders, arms, the collar bone, hands, lungs and the nervous system.
The Fourth House - (IC) YOUR ROOTS Natural sign: Cancer Natural ruler: Moon
HOME, Family life, domestic affairs, mother or father, early childhood conditioning, your roots, the end of life, real estate. The body parts rules the digestive organs, stomach and breasts.
The Fifth House - YOUR PLEASURES Natural sign: Leo Natural ruler: Sun
CHILDREN and CREATIVITY, Love affairs, children, speculation and pleasurable emotions . The body parts rules the heart and the back.

The Sixth House- HEALTH and WORK Natural sign: Virgo Natural ruler: Mercury
Working conditions and environment, competence and skills, general health.
The body parts rules the bowels and the solar plexus.

The Seventh House- (Descendant) PARTNERSHIPS Natural sign: Libra Natural ruler: Venus
PARTNERSHIPS and MARRIAGE, partnerships in general, marriage, open conflicts, unions, contracts, lawsuits dealings with others and the public in general.
The body parts ruled are the ovaries, kidneys and lower half of the back.
The Eighth House - YOUR INSTINCTS Natural sign: Scorpio Natural ruler: Pluto, Mars
DEATH and INHERITANCES, the occult, Transformation of all kinds, regeneration, sexuality, taxes, death, psychic ability.
The Body parts ruled are the sex organs, bladder and the muscular system.
The Ninth House- HIGHER MIND Natural sign: Sagittarius Natural ruler: Jupiter
Philosophy and religion,law, long journeys, higher education, publishing, foreign travel and interests,ambitions, in laws and relatives of the marriage partner. Dreams, visions, psychic experiences, long journeys, intuition, and spiritual tendencies
The body parts also rules the liver and the thighs.
The Tenth House - (midheaven) EXTERNAL ACHIEVEMENTS Natural sign: Capricorn Natural ruler: Saturn
CAREER, Professional, status, mother or father, worldly ambitions, public life, people in power The body part ruled the knees.
The Eleventh House - FRIENDS and AMBITIONS Natural sign: Aquarius Natural ruler: Uranus
FRIENDS, Groups associations, hopes, wishes, goals, your network of friends
The body part ruled the ankles.

The Twelfth House - Your Unconscious Natural sign: Pisces Natural ruler: Neptune
PERSONAL UNCONSCIOUS, Institutions, confinement, that which we haven't integrated into ourselves, karma, secret enemies, self-undoing,exile, limitations, unexpected troubles.
The body part ruled the feet.

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