10 Minutes for $1.99

By Carol Allen

Have you ever noticed that you can't control who you're attracted to or have chemistry with?

You can meet someone that seems perfect in every way - he has a solid job, good friends, a great family, and yet - he doesn't send your heart aflutter.

You can even go on the perfect date with such a man - complete with an incredible meal at a romantic restaurant in which he orders your favorite foods, makes you laugh, is kind to the wait staff, and looks deeply into your eyes while listening fully to your hopes and dreams.

It's so wonderful to be with him, so fulfilling in every way.

And then at the end of the night he goes to kiss you and it's about as much fun as making out with a dirty sock.

You feel NOTHING - no spark, no butterflies, no excitement.


In fact, the only excitement you feel is at the thought of his face getting away from yours...

Don't you HATE it when that happens?

And you're so crushed, because you could actually BE HAPPY with this man - FINALLY.

And you think THAT MUST BE IT - you must be SCARED or NOT READY for THE REAL THING - so you're shutting down your sexy side.

That HAS to be the problem - it's YOU. You're BLOCKED or something.

So you go out with him again on another fantastic date, and again kissing him is like that dirty sock, only now it's not just dirty - it's also soggy.

There must be something you can do!

Perhaps you've been fortunate and not endured the torture of meeting Mr. "I should marry this guy as long as he doesn't touch me."

Perhaps you've experienced a different challenge.

You've met a man with NOTHING you want in terms of a resume.

He has a crappy job, complains endlessly about his mother, badmouths his friends, and doesn't impress you intellectually in the least, but you find him so completely HANDSOME that you can't resist...

When he so much as brushes your knees with his it's as if your whole body is hit with an electric current.

And the kissing - it's like everything else around you falls away and you slip into an alternate reality in which life is neon and beautiful.

You can literally kiss him for hours - you much prefer it to talking to him as it's so much more enjoyable than his lame conversation.

And such an amazing thing happens when his lips meet yours - every cell in your brain does a happy dance and screams:




Pretty soon you're actually falling for Mr. "I hate everybody and have no life," and don't know how you'll possibly get away from him.

Don't you HATE it when that happens?

Again, you think that you're sexually drawn to such a loser because you have a huge problem with SELF-SABOTAGE.

Clearly, you don't feel you deserve more than this, so are chemically hooking YOURSELF to such an impossible man because something inside of you WANTS to be unhappy.

Both situations like these with men make you feel betrayed by your own body.

It's like something alien or outside of you is really in charge.

Like you've been BODY SNATCHED and are utterly out of physical control.

Don't you WISH you could willingly turn your attraction for a man on and off?

You know, as though you had internal HOT SEX dials that you could program to only be activated by a great man with wonderful qualities?

Here's the phenomenal thing - I'm going to tell you what this is all about.

Pay attention because this one idea could save you YEARS of misery of being in relationships with a great guy who does NOTHING for you physically, or a LOUSY guy who has too much sexual power over you.

I'm serious... I have the answer. (Don't I always?)

Your sexual chemistry with someone IS determined by something outside of you.

Something you can do NOTHING about.

And this something determines if that "zing" is there with a man or not.

And this is GREAT NEWS because if it's not there, you can STOP beating yourself up and thinking it's because you're BLOCKED or AFRAID or have intimacy issues.

You can stop going out with a man thinking that if you would just open up then any minute now that HOT MONKEY LOVE thing is going to kick in and you can be happy together.

And best of all - if a man tells you he's NOT as attracted to YOU as he wants to be, you can forget about thinking it's because of something wrong with you.

Like your love handles that no one seems to love...

Or your thighs.

Or your wide hips.

Or knobby knees.

Because MEN can't help who they are attracted to, either!

And they often feel body snatched and betrayed by their own anatomy, TOO.

They wish they could control their physical re- actions to US as well!

What’s to blame for all of this, you ask?

The position of the planets and stars at the time of your birth.


There’s a planet that indicates PASSION and another that rules SENSUALITY.

There’s a planet of KINKINESS (swear!) and another of frigidity.

Certain signs are more frisky, while others are more conservative.

There are constellations of stars that influence a person's nature to be more WILD and EXPERI- MENTAL or SQUARE and TRADITIONAL.

So depending on which planets are dominant and strongest in your chart and in which constellations, you'll be either a vixen with a capital "V" or a demure maiden.

That's right - your own sexual nature, aptitudes, preferences, and appetite as well as EVERYONE ELSE'S can be understood and explained astrologically.

Your astrological chart tells the whole story.


You chart can then be lined up with another person's to see if there are connections that heighten or dampen the MOJO between the two of you.

Basically explaining if you want to rip his clothes off on a regular basis, or if the most you can muster is to love him like a brother.

I'm NOT making this up!

So - the lame guy that you find yourself strangely, inexplicably, even shamefully HOT for?

His planet of passion will be placed in the same sign as your planet of sensuality - which is so hot that even just thinking about it is making me need a cold shower about now.

And Mr. "Kisses like a dirty, soggy sock?"

In his astrological chart the planet of kissing will be with the planet of dirty, soggy socks.

Okay, I made that up.

In the ancient books of astrology there is no mention of a planet of socks, dirty or otherwise...

But I'm sure there is a such a planet so I'm gonna go research that just as soon as I get out of that cold shower and get back to you. ('Cause something HAS to explain those tragically bad kissers.)

NONE of this is PERSONAL. It's just WHAT IS SO.

Kinda like how grass is green and birds fly.

Those things aren't personal - they just ARE.

And none of this is anything you can do anything about.

And that's what I want you to know more than anything else.

The bond you feel physically with another person is CRITICAL to the success or failure of your romantic relationship or POTENTIAL romantic relationship.

When there’s a powerful, PASSIONATE connection between you and someone you love (which CANNOT be manufactured, by the way!), you'll be far happier and even healthier than if there is not.

That is IF they also have the qualities that you require.

But as you’ve figured out by now, you'll be MISERABLE if you're in heaven between the sheets but nowhere else with a man.

Please DO NOT minimize how important this is.

You must have BOTH good chemistry with a man who has GOOD QUALITIES.

So do not give a relationship that lacks that physical MAGIC too much of your precious time and energy.

It's true that nervousness, shyness, inexperience or that initial awkwardness of getting "up close and personal" with someone new can make early encounters less than perfect.

But they should improve QUICKLY.

So, give a guy a couple of chances, maybe three or four, but if it gets to the point where no matter what he does you're not “feeling it” - as though he's taking a BLOW TORCH to your gas burners and they’re NOT IGNITING - then give yourself and the poor fellow a break already and MOVE ON!

I’ve talked to many women who thought that passion and sex weren't critical in a healthy romantic relationship - that they were lucky to find a good man to love who loved them back, and with whom they could build a life.

Some of these women even thought that it was more "spiritual" to be in a passionless relationship.


So they squelched their natural, primal needs, and gave up this important part of love.

Sometimes they were able to do this for a while.

Even for years. But eventually, one day, they are always HORRIFIED to find that just because they’d made a CONSCIOUS, CEREBRAL CHOICE to deny that part of themselves - a part that is UNCONSCIOUS and NON-CEREBRAL, by the way - it didn't die.

They ALWAYS inevitably meet someone else that turns them on and reminds them of the power of that which they've tried to leave behind.

And then they HATE themselves for having to leave the good man they've tried to make a life with.

Or for leading a double life.

Or for staying and hating it.

In other words, there’s no happy ending to these stories.

And I've talked to many other women who were magnetically pulled to a man they didn't otherwise want, but couldn't find the strength to say no to.

They kept telling themselves they'd indulge for just a little while and then easily give him up, but to their amazement they became attached, bonded, and STUCK with a man they don't even LIKE.

So if this happens to you - if you’re knocked out by the physical fireworks you feel when in the presence of a man you are unimpressed with as a human being, then please RUN, RUN, RUN away before it's too late.

And PLEASE don't ever give it another thought if a man rejects you saying, "I'm just not feeling it for you - I feel only friendship."

It's NOT because of your hair, or your clothes, or your anything...

It's simply not written in the stars.

Astrology can explain everything about love and romance and your relationships (and sex life!), offering tremendous understanding and peace of mind.

When you understand the power of the planets and stars to direct your life and loves, you can stop doing what doesn't work - you can instead take comfort that you are part of something bigger than yourself.

Much, much bigger.

When you align yourself with these forces, you’ll be able to make the most that life and love have in store for you, no longer wasting your time and heart on circumstances and people that will never work.

This ancient knowledge is literally impacting every facet of your life and love life every day, all day long whether you believe in it or not.

I’ve worked with people as an astrologer for almost two decades and have found time and again that the underlying philosophies of astrology are every bit as HELPFUL AND HEALING to people as the specific knowledge of their own personal chart.

So, I’ve created a compatibility report to help you find out if you and your man have that “meant to be” connection. It’s called the Right Man Report.

"The Right Man Report" will reveal if this kind of SPECIAL SOMETHING is there between you and a man - or not. ('Cause it can't be willed or manufactured into existence...)

You can sign up for my free newsletters and order yours now by going here!

I sincerely believe this knowledge will bring you a great deal of comfort and support in your journey to find and keep the love you crave.

And may God and his planets and stars shower you with love,

Carol Allen

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